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Spoofer's Stone Destroyed - Here's How


Spoofer's Stone has been a historic landmark on the University of Arkansas campus since 1875. Left over from construction of Old Main's foundation, it has been a part of UARK for a very long time. In the days when men and women on campus were not allowed to speak to each other, it was used as a "mailbox" through which lovers could pass notes to each other. This tradition led to it becoming a popular place for couples to get engaged and break off a piece of the rock to remember the occasion.

What Happened?

Such a big rock would have been very hard to break on accident, and to simply not see the plaque is at best some very gross negligence. According to a student giving a tour at the time, construction workers were seen jackhammering the monument, not realizing what they were destroying. It is possible they thought they were going above and beyond by clearing the area, and that's what we are hoping for, but it's quite tragic that a stone left by falling off an ox cart was destroyed 145 years later by a jackhammer. The student walked up to the workers and asked them if they knew what they were doing. After realizing their mistake, they confronted their supervisor, and it is unsure what happened after this.

The University recently updated the situation on Twitter and it has been fixed.

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